Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've Got No "Sit" In My Pants

Yes, I said SIT...it wasn't a typo.  I've heard this all my life. My Mother, my teachers, you get the idea.

I was going to sit and write today, but it's Sunny and almost 58* at 10 am. I look out the window in front of me, the foot of snow we got over the weekend just disappeared overnight so out I go, dog in tow, to be almost blown over by the wind!  Rats! That 58* doesn't feel like 58*!

 I come back in after a walk about with all great intentions to sit down to do some reading and write.

 A few things get read and a sentence or two down in draft and the siren song outside of my window draws me to test the outdoors again.

I know it's the last day of January and this is an oddity, it's going to turn cold and snowy again in a few days, but today?  It's still warming up at noon now almost 60*  I decided I love the wind.

I leave you with only this, because..I Got No "Sit" in my pants!

Enjoy your day, I know I'm going outside to enjoy mine!


  1. I found you! As you know from my post today, I've got no "sit" in my pants any more either, haha! I look forward to following your posts, my friend. Cheers! Kaarina

  2. Thanks for the visit Kaarina. I hope I can just keep having fun here!

    Ann Jane

  3. I read this and had to suffer all day, over this one and ALL the others! I could come over and read them, but even discus wouldn't let me comment!

    I have NEVER heard that! That's Bella, Ann, just wait till you meet her!

    You've got freaky weather all right! We went from 8 days straight of -47 to -51 below zero, woke up yesterday morning and it was like -10 below, and went to +11 degrees during the day! What is UP with this??

    I, personally, think the Old Woman is going through some sort of Nature's menopause. Really! She's nuts, man.

  4. Amber, 

    You KNOW I understand about your connection probs...

    I'm pretty sure Bella takes after her Mom in the Rock and Roll boundless energy department and I can't wait to meet that little Spitfire..

    I think Mother Nature needs her Meds adjusted...lol...I sure hope we don't get the dead of winter in May!  Flocks of geese have been going over heading North the last few days..way to early.

    (((hugs)) my friend..can't wait till you get your net probs all fixed..maybe you need to go up and polish the dish!  jk..jk...