Monday, February 6, 2012

A Fish Tail

                                         Did you know a Fishbowl could explode?

I sure didn't. Crack, chip, finally break yes.

This is not what I was going to post today.  But as I'm still quite amazed at what happened, here it is:

 I don't have a "real' fish bowl. I use a large glass, vase type container that has a floating water plant and many of the cool rocks I pick up and drag home in it, along with my one little blue fish.  It's big enough to hold a huge bunch of Sunflowers and a whole lot of water and sits right next to my laptop.

I've had these crack, chip, and finally break when cleaning, pretty normal.

I just had set it down on the kitchen island after cleaning and putting it all back together and there was a crackle, hiss and BANG. Water and shattered glass flying everywhere type of explosion.

I jumped, the cat jumped, the deaf dog jumped.

The Fish was missing!

 Of course I was barefoot as is pretty normal for me. The cat and dog however have built in shoes, and found the fish. Flipping, flopping and swimming, sort of across the tile on the other side of the island.

The chase and race was on. The cat was in the lead with the dog fighting to get ahead. I'm standing there looking for something to throw on the floor to walk on. Dish towel, small but had to make due, and fast.  The critters who hate to get their feet wet outside didn't seem to realize wet is wet inside too and were way ahead of me.

The fish keep flippin' and floppin' away, and took a high dive off the tiled kitchen floor down the carpeted staircase.

Flip, Flop a couple of steps at a time he kept ahead of the four legged furry critters.

  Carpet, now I had a chance.  Right.  Not.  Two flight of stairs and two landings later, the cat is still in the lead and we're back on tile. Dry tile, not much flip was left in the fish's flop.

 The cat stopped to go into stalk mode and, Ah Ha ... I snagged him and stuck him in the closet down there.  Then I went to grab the poor tired fish.  Right.  He got his flop back in his flip.  I finally threw the towel I was still holding over him.  Had him!  He was saved from the paws of death.

All of this probably only lasted a total of 60 seconds.  It seemed like forever.

I now had to quickly find some water and a new temporary home for the fish, and clean up a very big mess.  Sigh.

The little Blue fish is sitting in his very small temporary home, back next to my computer.

 My heart has slowed down from the adrenaline rush of the chase.

 The only evidence of his adventure is a tiny piece of his frilly tail is missing.

Do these things only happen to me?


  1. That poor Betta has been on the floor a few times in its short life.   But your fat cat is not hungry and so didn't pounce.  Rather, he just wanted to play with the fish a while.  

  2. Doug..I know, I'm lucky it's still alive! It never had to fear a cat before though. I think it made it a quicker fish! You do feed that big cat goodness.

      Somehow you always seem to be lost in the loft and miss all the action....Hmmmmmm....

  3. Why, yes. Yes, I believe they do!

    What a great story to wake up to this morning! I'm still giggling, thinking of the mumbled and not so mumbled grumbles and yells that must have been accompanying these goings ons!!

    You crack me up.

  4. Amber,
    Noooooo..tell me it's not only what you have to look forward to!

    Mumbles, grumbles and more....

    Glad to start your day with a giggle my friend.


  5. Hey... it wasn't funny at the except to the dratted cat!

  6. and...I seem to remember a story about someone ..boiling..their childrens fish????????  Grinning here now!

  7. BaaaHaaaaHaaaaa.  I can so relate.... that stuff happens to me all the time.  I have 4 little ankle biters...  That is too funny!

  8. Okay...reminds me of Kenny not knowing that you can't put Beta fish together. Well, he put his in Madeleine's fish bowl and in less that three second s we were down to one fish and a lot of leftover feather fish tail remnants floating in the bowl! That was crazy! 
    Just when yu think you have things under control...

  9. Hi Sandi,  Thanks for stopping by!

    I'm soooo glad to hear that "stuff" happens to you too.   Four?  Oh My..2 in the house are enough for me! Well besides what other odd balls may show up to visit.

    .You saved me from being the only lonely "if it can happen" it'll happen to me! 

      See Amber-Lee  I'm NOT the only

  10. Hi Betsy,

    Oh ...that had to be traumatic!  That much I did know.  

    Things under control?  In our world?  Hahahhaha...not that type of thing, at least not in this lifetime with kids and critters, and, and...! 

    Thanks for popping in my not so "evil" twin!


  11. Hi Ann, its my pleasure.

    I once had a 45 gallon aquarium with some 30 or so fish, frogs, snails, eels, etc.  Before leaving on my honeymoon for 2 weeks I cleaned the tank.  My friend who stayed at the house was shocked as one critter after the next floated to the top...  When I arrived home one lone fish had survived.
    You see, when I cleaned the tank I bumped the thermostat setting it on high.  The water was so hot I had literally poached every creature. 
    The lone fish a red-tailed shark i was very proud of turned pasty and floated to the top. 
    I never replaced the fish and I gave all my aquariums to a girlfriend. 
    Soooo Ann, no you are not the only one. lol

  12. Well thank goodness Sandi...I'd hate to be all alone.Hmm I wonder what other oopsies we might have in common..scary thought!

    I had Aquariams on and off and I can honestly say I nevered boiled a fish!  I got tired of cleaning them! That just might be an Alaska thing..I never heard of it until Amber did it!!!

  13. Amber boiled her fish too?

  14. lol..Yup!  shhhh..she didn't blog about it :)

  15. BaaaaHaaaaaahahahahah that is TOO funny. Wer're not so much different each of us ladies.. lol

  16. Almost