Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm a Window Freak

I'm sitting here mesmerized by the blowing, swirling snow flakes outside.  Really, I feel like I'm sitting in a snow globe that someone shook up.  I'm watching the snow flurries, and the birds fighting for a position on the feeder, instead of writing.

 Well okay, I was watching.  But I should be writing.  So I decided I better do both.

It probably doesn't help that I have, and need to have, my main floor laptop where I can see out of a big wall window and a door that is mostly a window.  Even if I'm in the loft, I have my PC on my desk and my chair sitting as close to the edge as is humanly possible without falling off so I can look down and out the same windows.  Curtains?  What are they?  The sky lights in the loft are cool, but there's not much to see out of them unless there are cool clouds or a thunderstorm.

There's always something to see, besides dog, cat and grandkids nose and fingerprints on the windows themselves.  Mother Nature does provide in that area.  If it wasn't winter, I'd be out on the deck, patio, gardens or yard -- from the time it gets light outside until it's to dark to see.  Rain and warm?   Put up the umbrella or not, I haven't melted yet.

I wonder if there is a phobia name for this?  Whatever the reason, if I can't be outside, I want to see outside!

  Actually, maybe I can blame it on my Mom.  I think her favorite saying was, " Take it outside"!  That was usually said after I'd brought a critter of some kind in to play with.  Not that this was a difficult thing to do.  When you grow up on a Farm, there's always something to do.  There was the hayloft for rainy days, or nasty cold snowy days in the winter.  There's usually cats and kittens for a kid to play with up there.

But my favorite place was with my horse.  I grew up on one, riding with my Grampa before I could walk.  I'll never forget the day he and my Dad went to the livestock auction.  I always got to go along, but not this time.  It was one of my favorite places to go -- all the different animals to see and oh, the pens of horses to want every one.  I wanted my own.  I must have been 5 or so I'm told.  I'm not sure what excuse I was given for having to stay home, I just remember being heartbroken.

 I'm told I had to be coaxed to go out to the barn that night to see the calves they brought home.  I guess I was a bit stubborn even back then.  That was one day I shouldn't have been so ornery because waiting for me tied on the barn floor was my very own pony.  Talk about speechless -- probably one of the few times in my life.  I was totally in love with a shaggy little Welsh  pony with blue eyes.  I named it Tinker.

 It was mine, all mine!  I don't think I ever had to be told to "take it outside" again.  I would have moved into the barn if I could have.  If I wasn't in the barn I was out riding in the pasture.  It was a love that has lasted my whole life.

If you're not a horse person it's something one doesn't understand.  It's something that gets in your heart and soul and never leaves.  The freedom of riding like the wind by the seat of your pants with an animal that's a whole lot bigger than you.  The friendship and trust that's needed between man and beast every time you climb on.

Oh, there's work too.  You gotta love 'em to get out there and muck stalls, feed and water every morning and night, doesn't matter if your sick or it's nasty out, you're depended on.  But there's nothing like walking in the barn or out in the pasture early in the morning and being greeted by a nicker and a nuzzle and the smell of fresh hay, knowing they are waiting for you.

 My Mom taught me to be a lady, or she tried as best she could with a total tomboy.

My Dad taught me my first lesson in responsibility with that pony.  He also showed me, over the years, that though I was a girl I could do anything.  I often heard "If you have the will, you'll find a way"

My Dad died a year ago this day I write this.  He and his life lessons are dearly missed.

What does all this really have to do with windows?  I started out by day dreaming while looking out, but instead ended up with a reflection.  Windows do that too, but this was into my heart, and memories.


  1. Wow. Ann, this is wonderful! I needed a minute with a friend this morning.. and this was the ticket! I am so sorry ... I remember, and will think of your Dad today... We were friends when you lost him.

    Windows... today is gloomy and wet feeling and the ugly flat grey that seems to weigh real weight on me.  It doesn't seem to be too often though, because I spend hours and hours sitting at my keyboard... with a window nearby at least...

    Most often it is that shocking Alaska blue... and the past, yes memories. I was at that point yesterday and shared it with a guest who is here at this time, that in a couple of months, when I feel that way, it means only one thing.

    Go for a ride.

    What a wonderful memory to share with us all...thank you. Big hugs for you today. Think all the wonderful memories, my friend.

  2. Amber..Thank you my friend.  I hear you on  "going for a ride" Winter is kind of restricting for THAT kind of ride!

    You were a bright spot in my life this time last year and all through this past year, with all our chats, emails, sharing and wonderful photos to look at and wonder over. A better friend I don't think I would or could choose to have met!

    How nice you had a guest to share with..a brave soul for sure to be there now. I shouldn't say that, I'd be there in a heart beat if I Blue..can't wait to be shocked!

    (((((hugs))))) right back at you!


  3. Hi Jane!
    I had a pony for a few years that my mom bought me for $25. that I had to leave with my best friend when it was time to move. I hated using a saddle, and I loved when she went crazy and galloped away with me. What a ride!!  I have to get outside to feel normal. I grew up outside. It wasn't ever hard to find something to do. We climbed trees, played in the harbor marshes across the street, or made forts deep in the woods. I think our children are missing something without those opportunities. We used to go up to the attic of our old Victorian, too, on rainy or cold days. I don't remember ever having a toy, just a Raggedy Ann doll and some stuufed animals!
    My mother-in-law and sister-in-law tried to talk me into curtains (i don't like them) and I only gave in for the downstairs windows because we caught a peeping tom enjoying our family too often!

  4. Betsy...I can just see you tearing around on that had time to put on a had to break your heart to leave him!..My favorite toys were a fishing pole and my bow and arrows.  My Grandma kept buying me dolls, but they never took. My Mom still has them packed away somewhere.

    My kids were lucky enough to grow up out in the country with horses and lots of places to roam and outside it was the place to be!  My grandkids have forts everywhere in my orchard and out buildings, have fallen out of my trees..well to many times. They've spent alot of time with me growing up, but The toys and gadgets they do have!

    Oh man..A peeping tom would really tick me off! especially if it meant curtains! They'd have to climb a tree to be able to look in my main floor windows and no neighbors are close enough to worry about either!

  5. Beautiful Ann Jane...brought a tear to my eye and gave me goosebumps...touched my heart.  Reflection...

  6. Hi Sandi!  Thanks for stopping in! I'm glad you enjoyed. Reflection..good for the heart and Soul I think....