Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Illusions, Delusions or Mystical


                                                         Are they real?.....or not?

Illusion:  An illusion is a false mental image produced by misinterpretation of things that actually exist.

Delusion:  A delusion is a belief that, although false, is accepted by the mind as a truth.

Mystical:  That is mysterious in the true sense which is beyond human comprehension

Bright sparkling white spots, single or in groups, streaks of white that zip into view, hang there for a while, then disappear.

 Inside, outside, my girlfriend insists she sees Faires!

The problem is she's got me seeing them.  I think.

A few nights ago I crawled into bed, snuggled under the quilt.  It's Winter.  The windows are closed, a dark silent night with no wind rattling the trees.  In the house, except for the crackle of the wood stove and rustle of the cats settling down, it's dark and quiet as only a cold winter night can be.

  I closed my eyes and there they were: Faires?  Flitting, flashing and doing their dance.  Out of the corner of my eye there I see a flash of white, look up and see tiny, dancing spots of sparkling brightness on the ceiling in the corner flitting around.  Then, poof, they're gone.

 I opened my eyes -- still there -- closed them -- still there.

That did it. I sat up, opened my eyes -- gone -- shut my eyes gone.

But . . . will they be back?

My friend insists that if I believe I can see and catch moonbeams, which we called Angel Wings when we were kids, that she can see Faires and, if she sees them, then I can too.

After 30 some odd years of being friends, sitting out by the campfire long after everyone else has gone to bed, spending many a night out in the barn sitting in the hay together, waiting for one of our horses to foal, or riding miles the miles of trails in the ancient woods and dunes at all times of the day and night, I have to say we've seen and experienced some strange, wonderful, unbelievable and unexplainable things.  I'll save  those for another story.

 But Faires?  Well, why not!

Another night like that, and I think I may be a believer!

These are the two most active rooms!

This first -- yes I said first -- happening was about 8 years ago.  I was a new widow of a few months and  alone in the house except for my critters.

 Other strange and unusual things happened all the time in and around the property ever since I moved there in 1976.  The Faireshave appeared many more times. I've learned to watch the cat and dog. When they just look up and stare at the ceiling, you just might get a glimpse.



                                            Do you believe in the mystical and unknown?


  1. Last Christmas, you took a nice photo someone who wasn't there standing in front of the Christmas tree in that house.   That was kinda cool.   And that was much more recent.   Then there was the woman I noticed sitting in the shadows of your living room watching me  in the middle of the night one time a few years ago.  When I described her, you seemed to know who she was -- from many years ago.  I'm glad that none of that stuff bothers me. . . .  lol 

  2. I forgot about the Christmas tree photo!  That was the 1st time I saw your shawdow people, other than your descriptions of them to me. I guess it's a good thing it's interesting to me too because so much goes on in and outside. I blamed my friend for bringing things over from her house in the back of the property because she has stranger things happen that I've seen, but a few things happened before she was there!

  3. I believe. I have also taken pictures of scenery to have a silhouette appear when I develop them....

    I believe when you spend as much time as you and I both have, alone, with our horses, dogs, cats and nature... when you spend that time, just feeling and listening and doing what you can to sort out the hubbabaloo that lives inside our minds... it lets us see, and KNOW ...what is really there..

    so much more than can be seen at a glance.  

  4. So true Amber, Some people are just to busy to be alone with what can be if you stop to enjoy the wonders that are out there. I don't think a lot of what I've expierenced would not have happened in the "city", or if I wasn't with someone of like mind.  You're so right about being without the hubabaloo..there are so many things that can't or won't happen in the clutter.  Yes animals see things we don't I believe and spending time with them, well we both know what a great stress reliever, mind cleansing it is to take a good ride with one of those big 4 legged Awesome critter called a horse..nothing compares! I knew you'd get it!  Big Smile...

  5. Insert theme from X Files..something snagged my profile photo..lol